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Athletes and Families

Use this highly reliable and objective tool to measure and monitor neurobehavioral and neurocognitive functional progress to support your clinician’s decisions Return to play decisions. This unique tool provides medical professionals with precise evaluations.

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How It Works

Joining the SportGait community connects families to athletic organizations and medical providers to:

SportGait Features:

  • Receive education and guidance if a head injury occurs
  • Measure and monitor athlete’s brain wellness with SportGait’s annual Brain PhysicalTM
  • Dramatically lower risk of Second Impact Syndrome
  • Stay connected and updated throughout athlete’s recovery progress
  • Seamlessly submit return to play documentation to coaches and administrators
Athletes and Families

SportGait Experience

SportGait helps families by providing tools to educate, communicate, and connect them to medical providers to protect their athletes through a easy-to-use app

Start the Season Cleared To Play

Simple Preseason Paperwork:
  • Complete concussion education from your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Automatically sync with your athlete's sports organization
  • Optional: Take Preseason Brain Physical™

Athlete Cleared to Play

Make the Right Decision

Head Injury Support:
  • Check symptoms and receive guidance if a head injury occurs
  • Automatically notify sports orgnaization of athlete's status

Athlete Removed From Play

Return-to-Play Safely and at the Right Time

Connected Return To Play Process:
  • Access real-time progress reports during recovery
  • Easily submit Return-to-Play documentation to coaches and administrators

Safe to Return-to-Play

connecting with

Sports Organizations

• SportGait enables families to stay connected to their sports organization in a secure platform that provides information supporting athletes’ well-being and return-to-play status.


Follow concussion protocols that empowers your family and protects your athletes


  • Receive preseason concussion signs & symptoms education
  • Free mobile sideline guidance if a head injury occurs
  • Seamless submittal of Return-to-Play documentation to sports organization
connecting with

Medical Providers

SportGait connects families to Medical Providers to receive professional medical care when a head injury occurs and keeps them connected throughout recovery using SportGait’s secure and HIPAA compliant platform.


Connect to a SportGait enabled local medical provider. Gain peace of mind that your medical provider is using a highly reliable and validated instrument to support their clinical decision, aiding their decision of when your athlete is safe to Return-to-Play.


  • Monitor brain wellness annually
  • Use reliable measurement tools to support clinician decisions and track the recovery process
  • Ensure peace of mind that the athlete is safe when returning to play
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Athletic Trainers

SportGait allows families to participate in their athlete’s recovery- providing progress reports from the Athletic Trainer to support recovery at home, school, and when preparing to return to activity.


Improve communication between athletic trainers and families to better understand an athlete’s recovery.


  • Clearly communicate an athlete’s stage of recovery
  • Track symptom scores
  • Understand other elements like hydration during recovery
  • Receive information regarding helpful tips from the Athletic Trainers to reinforce at home for a speedy recovery
Concussion Statistics

Youth Athletes Sports-Related Concussion


Of 45 Million

athletes’ families feel it’s important to be evaluated by a health care professional before playing sports 9


of the more than 300,000

youth sports related concussions happen at practice 9


Of 7.5 Million

high school players experience a concussion in a given season 10

Secure. Private. Compliant.

FDA Listed Medical Devices

SportGait’s CPT Cognitive and BKG™ Gait are FDA Class II and Class I Medical Devices, 510(k) Exempt. Additionally, SportGait completes regular external audits with AICPA SOC 2 Type II reports, also including legal requirements with HIPAA, HITECH, and applicable state laws.

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