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Athletic Trainers

Automate documentation, communication and make informed decisions with this disruptive tool to support athletes while staying focused on their recovery.

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How It Works

SportGait’s AT platform simplifies the process to record and track athlete’s post concussive care and recovery progress. SportGait enables athletic trainers to:

SportGait Features:

  • Conduct preseason SportGait Brain Physicals™
  • Assess and document sideline head injuries
  • Measure, assess, and document key stages in recovery
  • Notify sports teams, medical providers, and families throughout recovery
Athletic Trainers

SportGait Experience

SportGait helps Athletic Trainers customize workflows and standardize protocols with a single easy-to-use platform.

Get Onboard

Simplify the Concussion Care Process:
  • Full service system configuration to work with your existing protocols
  • Optional: Conduct preseason SportGait Brain Physicals™

Be Prepared on the Sidelines

Standardize Sideline Protocol:
  • Quickly access the AT evaluation and document head injuries
  • Automatically notify coaches and family of athlete's status

Track Recovery

Connected Athlete Recovery:
  • Easily follow standardized recovery protocols
  • Track and visualize athlete's recovery through stages
  • Securely communicate progress reports and treatment plans
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Sports Organizations

SportGait complements Athletic Trainers’ efforts by providing automated communication and workflows, documenting protocols in a secure trusted platform. Allowing ATs to focus on athletes’ wellbeing.


Trained to be the on- field support to better the welfare of athletes and improve care and communication throughout recovery


  • Standardize the recovery process and clearly communicate an athlete’s stage of recovery
  • Clearly communicate expectations regarding an athlete’s recovery
  • Automatic updates sent to sports administrators and coaches
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Medical Providers

SportGait connects in-clinic medical professionals and Athletic Trainers. The collaboration provides a comprehensive view of the patient’s recovery for better patient care and Return-to-Play decisions.


Smarter care for safer athletes. Trusted partner providing a needed professional response at incident and daily support during recovery


  • Notify Medical Providers of any abnormalities to provide quick referrals
  • Stay updated with Medical Providers notation of any necessary modifications during recovery process
  • Use the secure platform to seamlessly communicate with medical providers to improve continuity of care
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Athletes and Families

SportGait champions Athletic Trainers efforts by provide an easy-to-use platform that delivers status updates to families and foster trusted relationships throughout the recovery process.


Improve communication by providing families updates for setting clearer expectations for an athlete’s recovery


  • Clearly communicate an athlete’s stage of recovery
  • Track symptom scores
  • Send helpful tips to families to reinforce at home for a speedy recovery
Concussion Statistics

Helping Protect Athletes


of the 1.35 million youth sports-related injuries are reported in the ER. Every three minutes a child is seen for a Sports related concussion in an ER 9


of high school football players who sustain a concussion where they lose consciousness return to play the same day 9


Young athletes with a concussion are three times more likely to suffer another concussion in the same season 9

Secure. Private. Compliant.

FDA Listed Medical Devices

SportGait’s CPT Cognitive and BKG™ Gait are FDA Class II and Class I Medical Devices, 510(k) Exempt. Additionally, SportGait completes regular external audits with AICPA SOC 2 Type II reports, also including legal requirements with HIPAA, HITECH, and applicable state laws.

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