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Who We Are

SportGait is your premium source for concussion support. We provide ground-breaking tools and resources that help individuals, families, coaches, and medical care providers make informed decisions following a head injury. Through our continuous research and hard work, we have developed a platform built on evidence-based testing to provide robust support throughout the recovery process. From evaluation to monitoring, we have everything covered to reduce the guess work and improve confidence in return to play. Plus, our experts develop reliable and clinically proven concussion programs to meet individual needs and goals.

Our Philosophy

The basis of SportGait is Peter Drucker's philosophy, “if you can't measure it, you can't improve it.” We strongly believe that accurate and reliable measurement is a key to concussion treatment and recovery. We have based our platform on the same mantra providing highly reliable, valid, and precise medical-grade tools and instruments to assess the individual's condition.

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Our mantra

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

— Peter Drucker

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Our Unique Ecosystem

At SportGait, we understand that individuals with a concussion, their families, and care providers are overwhelmed with information and resources. This makes it challenging for them to find the proper support and care that fit their needs and goals. Therefore, we have developed a unique ecosystem that classifies the information, assessment, and other resources.

Each category in our ecosystem features user-specific resources which they can use to assess, manage, track or treat individuals with a concussion.


Our Approach

At SportGait, we adopt a scientific yet personalized approach to concussion care and support. We help individuals, their families, and care providers develop individual-centered programs that positively impact the individual's recovery. In addition, we ensure to present the most valid testing tools and innovative resources that help individuals quickly move on their journey to independence.

Delivering World-Class Concussion Decision Support System

As an established platform for concussion support, we adopt an unbiased approach to evaluate our own system and partners. This forms the foundation of our existing system and research consortium that keeps our clients at the center of brain wellness and concussion measurements. Our University of North Carolina at Wilmington leads this consortium. It focuses on research, testing, accessible and affordable assessments that form the basis of diagnosis and recuperation.

Why Choose SportGait?

SportGait provides multidisciplinary, comprehensive and accurate information to individuals with concussions, their families, and caregivers. We have developed a reliable platform to ensure seamless information flow and improve care delivery before the concussion, during, and after recovery.

Matchless Resources

At SportGait, we have gathered matchless resources from medically valid and highly accurate research. As a result, we provide access to clinically proven tools to improve confidence in return to play decision making for individuals with concussions.

Access to Multidisciplinary Care

By leveraging SportGait, you can access multidisciplinary care from reputed physicians to athletic trainers, concussion specialists to radiologists, and many other specialists. In addition, we have partnered with various concussion experts to ensure you get the best possible care available today.

Research and Innovation

We actively engage in research to bring the latest to our platform. Our experts study the latest studies about concussion causes and treatments to update our platform and help you accomplish the enhanced level of patient care in clinical settings as well as on the field. We continuously refresh the resources to provide you with the most advanced. Moreover, we do innovations in our platform to ensure it delivers what we promise.

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FDA Listed Medical Devices

SportGait’s CPT Cognitive and BKG™ Gait are FDA Class II and Class I Medical Devices, 510(k) Exempt. Additionally, SportGait completes regular external audits with AICPA SOC 2 Type II reports, also including legal requirements with HIPAA, HITECH, and applicable state laws.

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